The PYC Way

It can be a problem, can’t it? Finding new bits for your wheelchair at a price that’s the perfect balance of value, quality and choice.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way!

There’s a way for you to express your personality and accessorise your chair at a price that won’t break the bank whilst offering a huge range colours and sizes to suit you perfectly.

We are that way.

Let us first say that we know black can be the safe choice and of course, that’s a very good thing. Black upholstery can suit your frame colour better or maybe your clothes go better with a black backrest. We know this and the black stuff is an integral part of what we do and always will be.


Variety is the spice of life (and all that jazz). Perhaps you have a favourite sports team? Or a favourite colour of flower. These are the things that can be reflected when you add some colour to your chair! You can make it something to be proud of and represent your life in a way you could never before.

Whichever colour you choose though, take it from us: you made the right choice!

Once you have picked a colour, you can rest easy as that’s the hard part over. Let PYC get busy making your special piece of individuality. Depending on your piece, you may be lucky enough to receive an email from us about getting your measurements. Like a professionally tailored suit, we’ll get the perfect fit and then you’re able to begin getting that little warm excitement feeling in your stomach as you await your tailored piece of upholstery that has been made specifically for you.

Once your parts are made, they’ll come to you quicker than you thought they would.

At PYC we have done this for quite a while now. Our parts fit to your chair easily and effectively minimising out-of-chair time. The quality is as good (and probably better) than what you have come to expect from us by now making the whole experience a great one.

Bringing it back to the colour though – why not try a cheeky coloured calf strap? See how you feel about it and let’s take it from there.

2 thoughts on “The PYC Way

  1. Michelle Dewar says:

    Is it possible to have a different colour at all? Have a white and titanium chair and don’t really want it mult coloured, though I have a pink wheel bag fro yourselves.would much prefer either a white, or at a push a silvery/light grey set of trim for it. It would be much smarter. Was really surprised you did neither white nor grey. 😯 thanks

    • PYC Team says:

      Hey there, Michelle! It’s absolutely possible to have different colours, we just have the most popular one’s on the site.

      Send a message over to us and give us your contact details so we can have a bit more of a chat and we’ll go from there:

      PYC Team

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