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You might think that words like “extreme sports” and “wheelchairs” do not belong together. But the fact is, they do, and have done for a little while now. The adventurous and fun-seeking chair users do not have to let their chairs stop them from pursuing their passions. With the rise of adaptive sports, the sky is the limit for these wheelchair users. 

Participating in extreme sports without a wheelchair requires a big heart. But with a wheelchair, it takes more than that. With incredible advances in wheelchair technology, extreme sports for the disabled has become a reality. Let us take a brief look at some extreme sports where people can make their marks:

Scuba Diving

Diving into the water is one of the most liberating experiences one can ever have. The calm of the water, the beauty of the aquatic life and the inner peace you feel; everything is so wonderful about scuba diving. You can dive deep into the oceans and have your senses immersed. This will be a sensational experience under water. 

Power Wheelchair Racing

This is a very exhilarating sport for wheelchair users who really have a competitive nature. With increasing popularity in countries like Australia, Switzerland, UK, US and France, this sport is all set to become a worldwide phenomenon. Moreover, this wheelchair racing is not just plain racing – it can also require the participants to perform stunts such as riding over the rails and ramps.

Mountain Biking

There are very few more exhilarating experiences than riding downhill. The process is simple: you go to the top of the mountain, hop on a specially designed four-wheeled bike and leave yourself to the will of gravity. 

These bikes have hand-controlled brakes. Still, it can be scary but for people seeking a rush of adrenaline, nothing else can beat it.

Adaptive Skiing

With modern skiing equipment, skiing or snowboarding has not remained a dream for the disabled anymore. Following are two of the most common skiing adventures for people using wheelchairs:

  • Sit-Ski

Sit-Ski allows people with physical disabilities to wander around the slopes in a seating shell. However, proper equipment is needed for steering and balancing.

  • Mono-Ski

Mono-ski is quite similar to sit-ski but it is more suitable for people whose upper body is able to support them. Two outriggers are held in the hands of the skiers to give them more control.


The world from up above is one of the most breath-taking sights you will ever see. With custom-built wheel chairs, paragliding has also become a reality for the disabled. Soaring down from the sky in your wheelchair; this is probably one of the best thrilling experiences you will ever have in your life. 



It is true that participating in any one of the above extreme sports will be fun and exhilarating. However, it must be kept in mind that proper training and equipment are required for participating in these extreme sports. Also, you must get your condition checked by your doctor and should not decide to undertake any adventure without their advice.



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