Cushion & Cover – Black
Cushion & Cover 34 (1)
Cushion & Cover 34 zip
Cushion & Cover reverse
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Tapered Cushion & Cover – Tapered

Cushion Cover


  • This is just the cover. Simply and easily swap your current cushion into it
  • Waterproof and hard-wearing material, perfect for the role of lead cushion cover.
  • Zip up rear*
  • Measured to your cushion size so you know they’ll be no extra sag
  • Hook and Loop bottom to fix to your seat sling
  • Tapered chair? We’ve got it covered (pun intended)

Please note: This item requires some extra measurements. We’ll send you a form via email so we can make it perfect to your size.

* If you have a hard cushion (Plastazote) please let us know as we’ll need to send you a suitable cover (it won’t have a zip).

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