we’re PYC

And we make the soft stuff for wheelchairs. We specialise in creating experiences that make you feel great and pretty proud of your chair.

Fast Shipping

Faster than you might expect, actually. This is one of our key strengths – to get your new stuff to you as quickly as possible with as little fuss as possible.

Team Orders

Got team colours? Imagine those winners photos with all your team’s chair’s straps and backrests in those very colours.


Made in the UK, serving the world. All our products are handmade in the UK by some very skilled people… if we do say so ourselves!

Full Support

Sure, we are a little more advanced than paper cups and string but just as with the cups, you can be sure someone will want to talk to you here.

Our Reviews

We’ve helped out a lot of people and they say some pretty nice things about us:

I finally found PYC and emailed Zoe. All she wanted from me was a few specific measurements and a couple of photographs of my wheelchair and that was it – all done by email. All that was left for me to do was choose the colour.

David Bartlett

I ordered all new upholstery for my chair in red and OMG my wheelchair has gone from drab to FAB. It looks amazing and the quality is unbelievable. All my friends love it and so do I. I have recommended PYC to all my wheelchair friends all around the world.

Jason Reynolds

So glad the wheelchair company I used gave me PYC’s details. Zoe was efficient, professional and friendly and made the process simple and hassle free. My new back support for my chair arrived sooner than I expected and is perfect.



For example: strap, seat sling, strap backrest, guard…


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Something personal

Do you have a specific requirement? An unusual size perhaps? Or interested in a bulk-buy? We’re here for a chat.